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Industry of Meaning

Art Show Overview - Curated by Skip Engblom and Matt Wessen

The observation of the surf, skate, street, and beach mediums from 1907, when George Freeth first taught surfing in Venice Beach up until present day. Presenting a 100 year retrospective of the creative ripple effect which these mediums have had on culture. Highlighting these 4 mediums and how they have affected the artists to create and perspectively their creativity. Bringing together fine artists, cultural icons and a range of cultural artifacts. Recognizing what was once the fringe obscure counterculture and witnessing how it’s been mainlined into the general culture. With over 50 participating artists in this exhibit; including cultural Icons like Skip Engblom and Jim Ganzer, both who have over 50 years in their respected mediums. In total there is over a millennia of effort. Represented here in 5 immersive exhibition spaces, experience over 1,000 years of culture.

On view December 12, 2018 - February 7, 2019 @ Sea You Are Free in Venice, California


LA County Vol. III

Art Show Overview

LA County Series:

Los Angeles is the end of the road for western civilization. This is where it ends. Next stop the Far East. LA County has over 10 Million people living here. This series explores the idea of a dream while keeping in mind the reality of life in a metropolis. Cost of living, traffic, beauty, colored skies mixed with particulate matter are all part of living in Los Angeles.

On view now @ Alchemy Beauty Lab in Santa Monica, California


Matt Wessen & Skip Engblom featured in Barry McGee: SB Mid Summer Intensive

Art Show Overview

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara presented Barry McGee: SB Mid Summer Intensive, a solo exhibition featuring a sprawling installation of paintings, drawings, and sculptural objects by San Francisco, CA-based artist Barry McGee. McGee embraces improvisation as a guiding principle in his work, finding a balance between chaos and meticulous attention to detail. Constellations and groupings of drawings and sculptures are juxtaposed against found objects, ephemera, and collected works by other artists, such as Herbie & Dibi Fletcher, Skip Engblom and Matt Wessen.

On view July 1, 2018 - October 14, 2018 @ Museum of Contemporary art Santa Barbara


Matt Wessen Solo Show

Art Show Overview

“I heard a friend of mine, Dewitt Cannon was going to take his wood shop and turn it into a beauty salon. While in the construction process I came over and asked if it were possible to add the idea of a gallery to the beauty lab, a place where one could enjoy complimentary imagery while they are getting their hair done. Linda, Dewitt’s wife, is a world-renowned hair stylist working with some of the most influential people in LA. Alchemy takes an underground approach when it comes to public awareness. This series explores the idea of Art and Beauty. How the environment creates an influence on the way we look. What colors we wear and what we are attracted to.”

– Matt Wessen

On view April 15, 2018 - August 31, 2018 @ Alchemy Beauty Lab in Santa Monica, California


LA County Vol. II - Yucca Valley Yacht Club


Art Show Overview

“This is where Skip and I began working with a larger group of LA Artists. Ned Evans, Thomas Lynch III, Mikey Ronge, Chris McElrath, Michael Townsend, Roger Doucette, Anna Wessen… In this show, we began to explore the importance of LA’s counter culture. This was the first show at Compound YV. Which has now gone on to do almost a dozen more shows with no signs of it slowing down. Skip and I are looking forward to doing another show there this fall.”

– Matt Wessen

On view April 13, 2018 - April 29, 2018 @ Compound YV in Joshua Tree, California

LA County Vol. I


Art Show Overview

“I was sitting in Darren Romanelli’s office on Wilshire, stopped by to say happy holidays and he was on the phone as per usual. He looked over at me and said, “you want to do a show at Fred Segal in 10 days?” My reply was yes. This show explored the importance of surf, skate, street, beach culture, and the influence it had on fashion. Bringing together a group of LA brands that were not well known to the world outside of Los Angeles. Working with Skip Engblom and Mikey Ronge we built an installation that gave homage to LA through imagery, historical artifacts, creative surfboard design while blending fashion into a well-known institution like Fred Segal.”

– Matt Wessen

On view Jan 6 - Jan 23, 2018 @ Fred Segal on Sunset blvd, West Hollywood in Central LA, California

Animals Magazine Show

Art Show Overview

Skip and I were asked to participate in a group show with Animals Magazine. This was the release of their second edition of the Magazine. Ward who is the editor in chief brought together a collection of LA artists to participate in the event. Pascal Stansfield provided

On view November 21, 2015 @ Restless Studios in DTLA, California

Hello Tokyo


Art Show Overview

“This was the first time I had worked with Skip creatively. 4 Month before the show I walked into Aquatech and asked Skip if he would like to creatively work on an idea I had that involved clothing, resin, and metal. He agreed. Every weekend we worked on Prototypes along with Roger Doucette. After a couple of months, I asked him if he would like to come to Tokyo and do the show with me? He said yes, but I do not have a passport. Expediting a passport we were off to Tokyo where we made 9 resin sculptures in 12 days and printed 20,000 images on Xerox machines with help from the Zine King of Japan. The show comprises of a look at 9 peoples lives plus over a decade of documenting them. Each person is represented by an item encased in resin and a collage of their life behind the encased item. Each Item played a significant role in their creative journey.”

– Matt Wessen

On view July 29 - July 31 2015 in Tokyo, Japan

Kook Paradise with Sage Vaughn


Art Show Overview

An exploration of the creative drug-induced states that produce odd outcomes. Featured were Mikey Ronge hydrodynamic board craft. Along with his “Grinch” machine. A go-kart turned into a high-speed winch that he traded for a boat trailer. Sage Vaughn created “drug den” complete with bagel pizza’s that were served fresh throughout the night. LA’s finest gathered to watch pure hilarity ensue. Good times were had by all – especially Malibu Carl.

On view on October 12, 2012 @ WaterHouseProject in Venice, California